The Asbestos Management Process

Managing asbestos is not a difficult process. Once all the information about asbestos materials on a property are gathered, you can then decide how to look after those materials.

In New Zealand, it is always recommended that asbestos materials should first be considered for removal in the first instance, but it’s not always the easiest solution, and not always the most feasible.  So you can manage those materials for the time being. 

Below are the key steps to managing asbestos materials whether they are in your home or your workplace. 

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1: Identify

Asbestos management is a reasonably simple process. When developing an asbestos management plan, you must first identify the where asbestos materials are present, and the extent. This can either be accomplished by taking samples of suspected asbestos containing materials, or presuming items as potentially containing asbestos. 

2: Assess the Risk

When assessing the risk posed by asbestos, there are a number of factors to consider. Basically, this means assessing whether the asbestos containing product has the potential to release respirable asbestos fibres during normal day to day activity or during regular or unplanned maintenance. This is usually based on the product type, extent of any damage/deterioration, surface treatment, and type of asbestos.  

3: Create an Asbestos Management Plan

In order to plan for management of asbestos materials, it is essential to know where they are, their extents, and the risk they may pose. It may well be that the material is in very good condition, sealed, encapsulated or enclosed using an appropriate product and can be monitored. However, the material may need further controls implemented such as repair, removal, encapsulations or sealing. An asbestos management survey should clearly convey these recommendations in order to assist in making the appropriate decision. 

4: Establish a Management Process

The asbestos management plan is not only used to manage asbestos materials on your property, but it also should contain processes and steps to undertake in the event of emergency, incident and any other event that may change the state of the asbestos materials being managed. 

5: Review

The management of asbestos is a fluid process which requires constant monitoring and attention. Although not onerous, the plan should be reviewed at least every five years or when:

  • Asbestos controls are reviewed
  • Asbestos is removed, disturbed, sealed or enclosed
  • The plan is no longer adequate for managing the asbestos risks, ie: if new asbestos is identified, or if a previously inaccessible area is now accessible. 



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