Other Services

Client Consultancy and Training

Fibresafe NZ provides Client Consultancy for a range of Environmental and Occupational Hygiene services. Our consultants are internationally qualified BOHS instructors and NZQA Training Assessors, equipped with a wealth of knowledge in the delivery of work place training. We provide regular training in Asbestos Management including:

  • Asbestos Surveying
  • Asbestos Assessment
  • Air Monitoring 
  • Inspection of Removal Operations

Asbestos Management Training

Specifically tailored to your business and staff needs

Asbestos Awareness Training/Workshops

To ensure our clients fully understand how to manage on site asbestos products, our General Asbestos Awareness Training/Workshops provide training that is specifically tailored to individual business requirements.

This includes pitching information at an appropriate level for property managers, contractors and general staff.

This ensures that the information provided dovetails perfectly with the Asbestos Management Plan.

BOHS Courses

British Occupational Hygiene Society

Our training delivery includes the internationally accredited British Occupational Hygiene Society Courses:

IP402 – Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings
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IP404 – Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos
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To prepare our students for the course we provided experiential activities including access to our training and research portal.

Consultants NZ Wide

Choose Fibresafe NZ for:

  • Reliable testing and surveying, with no conflict of interest
  • Detailed and accurate reporting
  • Peace-of-mind processes, so you meet all legislative requirements
  • Asbestos Management Plans  with easy to understand processes that can be tailored to fit within your existing health and safety systems.
  • Asbestos management training that’s engaging, easy to understand and tailored to your organisation. 

Other Hazards

Lead, Methamphetamine and Mould Testing

We also test for a range of hazardous contaminants such as lead, methamphetamine and mould.

Ensure you are meeting your legal obligations for safeguarding the health and safety of your building occupants. Call us today!