IP404 - Asbestos Assessor Course

Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos

The IP404 asbestos assessor course aims to provide students with an understanding of the techniques and processes involved in air sampling; an overview of asbestos removal work; the process of sign-off and reoccupation following removal works; and how to undertake this work in a safe manner.

Upon successful completion of this course students should:

  • Be able to understand the scope of asbestos assessment work by undertaking a thorough review of the removal methodology.
  • Be able to confirm by means of on-site inspections that removal has been undertaken in line with the methodology.
  • Understand the risks/hazards associated with asbestos removal work, and to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place – specifically in regard to cleanliness and decontamination.
  • Be able to verify that work has been completed by means of thorough visual inspections and air testing within work areas.
  • Understand the importance of communicating any findings and observations, and how to document these appropriately.
  • Have an understanding of the limitations of the method, common issues that can arise and potential conflicts of interest.  

Price & Duration

$2095.00 including GST

Classroom: 2 and a half day course
Online: flexible dates with fixed exam date arranged with tutor. 

Learning Options

Online Learning

It is now possible to complete your British Occupational Hygiene Society IP404 qualification from wherever you are. 

  • Comprehensive learning tools & lessons 
  • Save on travel and accommodation
  • Keep to your current workload while learning
  • Learning flexibility, learn at your own pace
  • Support from our qualified tutors
Course dates corresponding to the online courses are for when the online learning portal is open, with the last day being the date of sitting the two exams. We can offer additional learning time on request. 
Classroom Learning

For those who prefer to learn in a classroom setting, we offer the same excellent training but face to face with one of our qualified tutors. 


Attending this course requires additional study and reading outside of class times. Students are advised to make use of the pre-study tools provided by Fibresafe NZ & BOHS before course begins to improve chances of successful completion. 

Online Study Requirements:
To study online requires participants to have reasonable computer skills and a computer with a webcam for meeting with the tutor online. There is a practical assessment that must be completed for this qualification and video evidence of this assessment must be completed to finish the course. Substitute tools are allowed for the purposes of completing the assessment, but not in the field!


There are three assessments involved when sitting the British Occupational Hygiene Society IP404 Air Monitoring, Clearance Inspections and Reoccupation Following the Removal of Asbestos qualification. 

  • Practical Assessment
  • Written Practical Exam (2hrs)
  • Written Theory Exam (2hrs)