Asbestos Testing & Surveying

IANZ Accredited Asbestos Testing and Surveying Consultants

All Fibresafe NZ surveyors are qualified to the international qualification accredited by the British & New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Societies. To ensure you receive the highest level of accuracy, our experienced practitioners are required to achieve and maintain the International Certification in Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings, also known as the IP402 qualification. So, we are well equipped to locate where asbestos is or isn’t or where it may or may not be on your premises. 

Our processes are routinely and independently audited by a third party to ensure we continually adhere to the correct and proven methods for surveying and sampling for asbestos. 

As the leading provider for asbestos consultation in Australasia, innovation and knowledge is extremely important to us.  Through our program of continuous improvement, experienced staff and our scientific approach to asbestos analysis, we ensure that:

  • We apply the right techniques to prevent incorrect results or cross contamination of samples leading to expensive unnecessary management overhead
  • We fully understand where all asbestos-containing materials are located where other less qualified surveyors tend to overlook
  • Our documentation and reporting is accurate, compliant and fully understandable for those who need it most
  • We provide a professional asbestos sampling and surveying service based on independence, integrity and honesty, which ensures that there is no potential for any conflict of interest.
  • We have no financial ties to any Asbestos Removal Company thereby preventing any potential for a conflict of interest. This prevents false analysis leading to expensive unnecessary removal of non-asbestos products

Our Asbestos Testing & Surveying Services

The difference between asbestos testing and asbestos surveying is usually the quantity of items you need tested, how you would like those results to be reported, and what your intentions are for the future of managing the asbestos materials found. 

Asbestos Testing

If you are looking to get the odd sample taken to confirm whether an item does or does not contain asbestos, then we can help you out what that. If it’s just one or two materials we can usually be in and out within an hour, and you should get your results back next day or in two days at the very latest. 

You’ll receive a laboratory analysis report, or you have the option to receive a full sampling report with management recommendations for going forward. We can also provide free advice on how you should proceed with getting materials confirmed to contain asbestos removed. 

If you are confident to take your own sample, let us know if you need any advice. We accept samples for testing. It is important that all asbestos samples are contained within two bags.  

Asbestos Surveying

If you are looking to get asbestos containing materials located on a whole building for management purposes, or even particular parts of a building about to undergo renovations, you’ll need an asbestos survey to be conducted.

There are three types of asbestos surveys: Asbestos Management Surveys for when you need to know where asbestos materials are to manage them. Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys for when you are renovating, DIYing or conducting partial changes to a building, and Asbestos Demolition Surveys
for when a building is going to be demolished. 

We’re happy to discuss your needs with you to determine which type of survey is most appropriate, and all of the information found during the duration of the surveys is securely backed up in our system should you need it in the future.

Asbestos Testing Wellington & Nationwide

Whether you are in the top of the north or the bottom of the south, we can to come to you. Our main office is in the Wellington Region, but we’ve also got an office in Marlborough. Whether it’s just a couple of samples or you need or an asbestos survey, we can come to you. 

For asbestos testing in Wellington, we’ll usually be able to get someone out to test for asbestos on the day of request, and you’ll be looking at a three day turn around for the results of those samples at the latest.  


Why is it important for asbestos surveyors to be qualified?

Not all sampling techniques are the same, and some materials require different techniques depending on the nature of the material and how it was applied in the first instance.

Some materials are also more dangerous than others and can appear to those without a trained eye as potentially posing a lower risk or high-risk materials being managed in an incorrect way, contravening the Health and Safety at Work Act. 

 Incorrect sampling technique may also lead to false positive/negative results, potentially leading to exposure of staff or tenants or the removal of non-asbestos materials at significant unnecessary cost.

Why should a surveyor test for asbestos & not a removalist?

Poor Sampling Technique / Conflict of Interest

Unfortunately we’ve come across instances where we have re-sampled materials that were previously tested by an asbestos removal company and have received different results.

To ensure you’re not forking out for getting items that don’t contain asbestos removed as asbestos materials, it’s worth ensuring there is a separation between an asbestos surveying company and an asbestos removal company.   

Asbestos Consultants NZ Wide

Asbestos Testing Wellington, Marlborough, and nationwide. Management services throughout New Zealand.

If you or your sites are anywhere between Cape Reinga and Bluff, we can come to you. We offer a nationwide service for sampling and surveying whether you are in the city, somewhere in the rolling hills, or on a rural flat.   

Choose Fibresafe NZ for:

Testing and Surveying

  • Reliable testing and surveying, with no conflict of interest
  • Safe and technically sound sampling methods
  • Detailed and accurate reporting

Advice and Management

  • Impartial advice, as removal is not your only option
  • Peace-of-mind processes, so you meet all legislative requirements
  • Compliant Asbestos Management Plans tailored to fit within your existing Health and Safety systems
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