Asbestos Testing & Surveying

IANZ Accredited Asbestos Testing and Surveying Consultants

Fibresafe NZ follow a methodical inspection process to ensure:

  • Samples are carefully taken, so asbestos is not disturbed or exposed
  • Every surface is inspected, so no asbestos is missed
  • Samples are secured, so no cross contamination occurs
  • Documentation is complete, accurate and compliant
  • You receive the best advice and solutions for your situation

If you are a PCBU with management or control of a workplace, ensure your obligations are met by engaging professional, accredited consultants.

‘One-stop shop’, or independent testing?

Some companies offer a complete testing and removal service. While this is convenient because you’re only having to deal with one company – how do you know the advice you receive is accurate? Because these companies also get paid to carry out asbestos removal, they operate with a conflict of interest. They may recommend removal in situations where management may be just as safe and significantly cheaper.

Recommendations made in your best interest

IANZ accreditation prohibits us from having any involvement in asbestos removal; which means you can be assured of impartial advice. Once we collect samples, we send them to an IANZ accredited laboratory for analysis. Then we interpret results and produce a report detailing where the Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s) are located. You’ll be thoroughly briefed of your options, along with our recommended course of action

Secure Online Access

Fibresafe NZ supplements written management plans with an online portal to manage your onsite asbestos containing materials, and allow your contractors and property management staff to access this data at the touch of a screen. This also provides a secure repository for you to store your documentation and processes.

Safe, accurate testing

As accredited surveyors, we ensure asbestos is not disturbed or exposed when taking samples. Our accreditation dictates we follow international best practices, so you and your buildings occupants can be assured your health is safeguarded at all times.

Asbestos Consultants NZ Wide

Asbestos testing and management services throughout New Zealand.

Fibresafe NZ provide complete asbestos testing and management services throughout New Zealand. 

Choose Fibresafe NZ for:

Testing and Surveying

  • Reliable testing and surveying, with no conflict of interest
  • Safe sample testing, as asbestos is not disturbed or exposed
  • Detailed and accurate reporting, as per IANZ stringent requirements

Advice and Management

  • Impartial advice, as removal is not your only option
  • Peace-of-mind processes, so you meet all legislative requirements
  • Compliant Asbestos Management Plans tailored to fit within your existing Health and Safety systems