Asbestos Surveying

Asbestos Management, Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys

The purpose of an asbestos survey is to locate asbestos-containing materials. The type of survey required depends on whether asbestos-containing materials are likely to remain in situ, or will need to be removed prior to refurbishments or demolition. An asbestos survey is also a crucial tool for building a strong asbestos management plan. 

Asbestos surveying is best done by qualified surveyors who are experienced and knowledgeable of building materials to ensure the right sampling and recording techniques are applied to prevent incorrect results or cross contamination of samples. Asbestos survey reports must be easy to read, accurate and informative, and we strive to ensure all information is communicated clearly to you.

Asbestos Surveying

Our Asbestos Survey Services

The difference between asbestos surveys depends on what the intentions are for the building and the asbestos materials found. Whether you need to know where they are for managing them, whether any asbestos-containing materials are within your refurbishment scope, or whether a building is scheduled for demolition. 

We’re happy to discuss your needs with you to determine which type of survey is most appropriate, and all of the information found during the duration of the surveys is securely backed up in our system should you need it in the future. All surveys include sample taking and analysis. 

Asbestos Management Surveys

Asbestos management surveys are for locating asbestos-containing materials that are going to either remain in place and be managed, or removed. 

Considered to be the standard survey type, asbestos management surveys are non-intrusive, meaning no damage should occur to the building. Some sample points may be visible, but careful consideration is taken to ensure samples are as unnoticeable as possible. 

Some items may be presumed to contain asbestos, and this is because either the material item may contain asbestos inside which is unreachable, unsafe, or if sampling may disrupt the integrity of the material. 

Your asbestos management survey report will contain a range of information including the location of asbestos-containing items located, items tested that have returned a no asbestos detected result from laboratory analysis, photographs taken of each item, conditions, material risk scores, a sample map, and recommendations on how to manage asbestos-containing items going forward. 

Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys

Asbestos refurbishment surveys are for when particular parts of a building are being changed in a way that may disturb any possible asbestos-containing materials within the refurbishment scope. 

These types of surveys are required before a property can undergo any refurbishment work. They can also be conducted prior to intrusive maintenance work or the dismantling of plant machinery. 

Asbestos Demolition Surveys

Asbestos demolition surveys are for when a building that is likely to contain asbestos is about to be demolished. The demolition survey must be conducted before demolition begins to determine whether asbestos-containing materials are hidden within structures. 

This fully intrusive survey requires the surveyor to access as many areas as possible to ensure all asbestos-containing materials are located so it can be removed before demolition starts. 

Report Information

Presumptive samples

The surveyor might have presumed some items to contain asbestos. This is usually done during management surveys when an item cannot be opened, reached or is too dangerous to sample. 

Common items to be presumed to contain asbestos are hot water cylinders, gaskets or brake pads. Sometimes sampling a material may disrupt the integrity of the product, therefore the surveyor will presume the sample as containing asbestos. 

You may see some items have been strongly presumed by a surveyor, this is usually because they have sampled that material so many times and it has returned a positive result for asbestos each time, therefore it doesn’t need to be tested.  

Presumed items should be treated as containing asbestos until further testing or checking can be conducted. 

The Asbestos Register

An asbestos register must be in all asbestos survey reports. This register tells a range of details about the asbestos-containing item including the location, extent of the material, the product type, whether it was sampled, presumed or cross referenced, the asbestos types identified, how easily the material can be disturbed, the condition, and the surface treatment of the material. 

The asbestos register will include a material assessment score too. All qualified surveyors in New Zealand should use an international algorithm to assess the material assessment score to determine a range of factors to determine this score. Different factors can contribute to a high risk material assessment score, such as the material may be damaged, a high risk material, inadequately sealed or easily accessible. 

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