Asbestos Management Plans

Effective, working plans - fit for purpose
  1. Are you concerned about meeting your obligations as a PCBU?
  2. Does your building have asbestos containing materials?
  3. Do you suspect your building contains asbestos, but don’t know for sure?

Fibresafe NZ provide a highly professional asbestos management service. We help building owners and PCBU’s meet their obligations, and safeguard the health of occupants.

Our IANZ accreditation gives you the assurance the results and advice you receive can be trusted, which is important if you are a PCBU with management or control of a building. PCBU’s are required to demonstrate they have an effective, working management plan that is fit for purpose. 

Does IANZ accreditation really matter?

If reporting is inaccurate, materials have been missed or not documented correctly, or if the quality of your management plan is not fit for purpose – it matters. If someone was to develop an asbestos related illness while working in your building, WorkSafe will seek evidence that you have followed a compliant process. It takes a lot to become an IANZ accredited asbestos testing and consultancy company. To become accredited a company needs to demonstrate it “is performing in a professional and technically reliable way in accordance with international standards”. IANZ NZ

Don’t waste money on reports not fit for purpose

Make sure you’re not wasting money on reports that are essentially worthless. We come across reports frequently where:  1. Materials are missed, 2. Materials are not documented correctly, 3. Reports are not detailed enough to meet regulatory requirements. 

Only reports that meet the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2016 are deemed fit for purpose. Fibresafe NZ will ensure you have an effective, working management plan that is fit for purpose.

Easy Online Access

Fibresafe NZ supplements written management plans with an online portal to manage your onsite asbestos containing materials, and allow your contractors and property management staff to access this data at the touch of a screen. This also provides a secure repository for you to store your asbestos management documentation and processes.

Fibresafe NZ Plans

Ensure you meet your legislative requirements

A Fibresafe NZ Asbestos Management Plan identifies the risks posed by the asbestos present in your property, and sets out procedures to control them.

What’s included in your plan:
  • Risk assessments
  • Action planning, monitoring and re-inspection processes
  • Roles and responsibilities of key personnel
  • Duties of the Asbestos Coordinator
  • Policies and procedures for emergencies, refurbishments, day-to-day operations and for other less usual work or tasks
  • Dissemination of information to appropriate parties
  • Training requirements for staff
  • Ongoing support and periodic reviews of the plan