Asbestos Assessors NZ

Fibresafe NZ is an Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Awareness of the risks posed by asbestos-contaminated land and soils is growing, which is why Fibresafe NZ is the leading company in asbestos assessors NZ, providing a range of services to you. All of our team are licensed asbestos assessors with IANZ, ensuring the best quality service to you. Fibresafe NZ conducts all assessments of asbestos in soil under all relevant health and safety asbestos and contaminated land legislation, we apply an internally recognised tiered approach to asbestos in soil investigations.

Asbestos can find itself in soil because of several reasons. Examples of such reasons include the incorrect demolition of buildings and poor management of asbestos-containing materials on site. We have a range of services that we offer, from visual assessments and surface grab sampling to preliminary and detailed site investigations.

We also offer consultancy services evaluating remediation approaches, clearances following removal activities and asbestos air sampling to detect if there is asbestos in the air you are working in.

Fibresafe NZ is dedicated to keeping you and the environment safe, which is why we offer a diverse range of services to our customers all over New Zealand. From Cape Reinga to Bluff and everywhere in between, we can assist you with any of your asbestos and potential asbestos problems. Please get in contact with us today to do with any asbestos issue, we will see how we can help you and our highly qualified team of asbestos assessors will be on their way. 

What we can offer you:

  • Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI)
  • Surface Soil Sampling
  • Test Pit Excavation
  • Detailed Site Investigations (DSI)
  • Remediation Consulting
  • Asbestos Clearances
  • Site Management Plans

Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Fibresafe NZ provides complete Asbestos Testing and management services throughout New Zealand. We only use internationally qualified, WorkSafe NZ accredited asbestos assessors when conducting clearance inspections after removals to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients and customers. All of our team are accredited so you are confident that we will give you the best service from start to finish, ensuring that our unit of asbestos assessors will give you continual support throughout the process.

If you would like the leading asbestos assessors in NZ to have a look at your site, please contact us today, or click on the link below to book a consultation with our team of specialists. We’d be happy to discuss with you what to do with your asbestos issues and what services, such as asbestos surveying, we can offer to your unique situation.

You can confidently choose Fibresafe NZ for:

Testing and Surveying

  • Our reliable professionals who provide safe asbestos testing services
  • Practise safe sample testing, so asbestos is not disturbed or exposed
  • Accurate and detailed reporting, aligning with IANZ strict requirements. 

Advice and Management

  • We offer impartial advice to each customer, as asbestos removal might not be the only option
  • Peace-of-mind processes, so you can meet all the legislative requirements
  • Complaint Asbestos Management Plans tailored to fit within your existing Health and Safety systems

Safe, accurate testing

“Asbestos soil testing” which is known as asbestos in soil work, is conducted by Fibresafe NZ’s internationally trained and experienced environmental scientists. Our workers can provide Asbestos in Soil Preliminary and Detailed Site Investigations (PSI and DSI), overseeing and advising removal and remediation projects. As well, they can validate sites after remediation activities.

When you choose to work with Fibresafe NZ, you get quality services and a highly professional and licensed asbestos assessor team that are fully committed to working in your best interests. Our soil investigations are conducted by our environmental science team, utilising suitably qualified and experienced staff at every stage of the asbestos assessing process. You can confidently choose to work with us as we are all internationally qualified and always has your interest in mind when conducting our assessments.

In accordance with BRANZ guidelines

BRANZ guidelines prescribe a best practice methodology for identifying, assessing and managing asbestos in soils that are specific to New Zealand, keeping in mind our types of soils, climatic conditions, lifestyle, history and soil regulations. Guidelines have been developed in collaboration with the Ministry for the Environment and The Australasia Land and Groundwater Association (ALGA); the peak body for contaminated land practitioners operating in Australasia. By working in accordance with BRANZ guidelines, it ensures you that our specialist team of asbestos assessors are looking out for your health and safety and carrying out the best quality job at the highest standards.

Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Fibresafe NZ provide complete asbestos testing and management services throughout New Zealand. 

Choose Fibresafe NZ for:

Testing and Surveying

  • Reliable testing and surveying, with no conflict of interest
  • Safe sample testing, as asbestos is not disturbed or exposed
  • Detailed and accurate reporting, as per IANZ stringent requirements

Advice and Management

  • Impartial advice, as removal is not your only option
  • Peace-of-mind processes, so you meet all legislative requirements
  • Compliant Asbestos Management Plans tailored to fit within your existing H&S systems