Asbestos Air Sampling

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Fibresafe NZ conducts the highest-standard asbestos air sampling, ensuring that the most accurate results are obtained. Air monitoring is performed to estimate the level of airborne fibres that are within the air. The air samples are collated using asbestos air sampling pumps accredited to ISO 13137:2013. There are two methods of asbestos air sampling that can be conducted by our team for you. These are static asbestos air sampling and personal sampling.

Static sampling is when a pump is placed in an area to suck air in at the specific rat it is set to. Personal sampling is usually reserved for the asbestos removal workers to monitor their own exposure levels when undertaking the asbestos removal work. This helps them assess whether their control measure and their levels of Personal Protective Equipment, commonly known as PPE, are suited for the job.

There are also different reasons for asbestos air sampling and monitoring are advised to be carried out. Whether you are removing asbestos, getting advice on asbestos air sampling or just looking for some peace of mind. Whatever the purpose, the pumps and methods are designed to simulate a person breathing over a time-weighted average. The report then would show how much asbestos is in the air, if there is any detected.

At Fibresafe NZ, we offer interactive and effective training courses to prepare workers to safely remove asbestos, along with learning other relevant and important information needed. For A Class asbestos removal, the service of air monitoring is part of the third stage for the asbestos removal clearance procedure. The A Class asbestos removal is when friable or easily crumbled asbestos is being removed. It is compulsory in order for the removal area to be thought of as fit for reoccupation.

If you would like to learn more about what the asbestos removal process involves before our team conducts asbestos air sampling, get in contact with our friendly team of specialists today.

Types of Air Monitoring

The reason for air monitoring to be carried out before air sampling is to determine how we would then go about conducting the asbestos air sampling.

Clearance Sampling

Clearance sampling is carried out after the removal of asbestos work. It determines whether the removal area is going to be fit for reoccupation. Those who require clearance air sampling are usually asbestos removal companies who have already removed all of the asbestos in the building or on the site. However, if you have removed asbestos in your own home, we recommend that you contact us for an asbestos clearance sampling service to ensure that your home is going to be safe for you to reoccupy.

If you would like to see how Fibresafe NZ can help you with your asbestos clearance sampling and what other services we offer, which is from anything asbestos-related right through to mould testing, contact us.

Control Monitoring

Control monitoring is generally conducted before or whilst the asbestos air sampling assessors are carrying out asbestos removal work. It’s a blanket term for air tests done to ensure control measures stated within the in-place Asbestos Removal Control Plan are effective. Read below to find out what asbestos air sampling tests are types of control monitoring:

Background Control Monitoring

Before asbestos removal work begins, i’s important to assess what is around the premises that might draw in and create higher fibre counts. Such factors around the removal area outside of the enclosure can interfere with the results of leak and clearance monitoring. If you are conducting work where it is possible or known that neighbouring properties and areas have asbestos, it is a good idea to opt-in for background air monitoring.

Leak Control Monitoring

Before asbestos removal starts, the enclosure should be smoke tested to make sure any holes in the building are found. Leak monitoring is ultimately the same thing. The pumps used during this process are placed in particular areas of weakness where asbestos fibres might escape. Common areas are the decontamination units, blocks, and airlocks or what is has been established as areas of problem during your smoke test.

Reassurance Air Monitoring

Reassurance air monitoring is for checking if the control measures are working for your asbestos waste or transit routes. It’s completed after work to confirm areas surrounding the asbestos removal area are unaffected by the sampling work done by our professionals. Reassurance Air Monitoring is a great option for those conducting B Class removal work, and it adds a higher level of reassurance that a job has been completed safely.

Surveying & Sampling Course

Fibresafe NZ provides complete asbestos surveying, testing and management services throughout New Zealand. We offer asbestos removal training developed to withhold NZQA Unit Standards, in partnership with IMPAC Services Limited EO#7324.

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Testing and Surveying

  • Reliable testing and surveying, with no conflict of interest
  • Safe sample testing, as asbestos is not disturbed or exposed
  • Detailed and accurate reporting, as per IANZ stringent requirements

Advice and Management

  • Impartial advice, as removal is not your only option
  • Peace-of-mind processes, so you meet all legislative requirements
  • Compliant Asbestos Management Plans tailored to fit within your existing Health and Safety systems