A Class Friable Asbestos Removal Training

NZQA Unit Standard 29766

Facilitated by ITANZ in association with IMPAC Services LTD

This A Class friable asbestos removal training course aims to provide practical knowledge and techniques for the removal of A Class friable asbestos and asbestos-containing materials. The unit includes preparing, enclosing and removing friable ACM, and includes knowledge of decontamination and disposal requirements. Participants of this course gain NZQA Unit Standard 29766 upon successful completion. This course also covers the ARCP, SWMS Safe Working Method Statements (JSA) and other Health and Safety Risks associated with Asbestos Removal. 

This course is facilitated by ITANZ in association with IMPAC Services Ltd which is a NZQA registered and accredited PTE.
ITANZ is a NZQA approved sub-contractor of IMPAC Services Ltd for the delivery and assessment of NZQA unit standard 29766. IMPAC Services Ltd reports the credits to NZQA.

Training is available in Auckland (Penrose), Christchurch (Middleton) and Wellington (Petone). Fibresafe NZ can also deliver in-house training by appointment. 

Educational Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course students should:

  • Have a clear understanding of the documentation required to carry out A Class Asbestos Removal, including Asbestos Removal Control Plans (ARCP), Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and other Health and Safety Risks associated with asbestos removal.   
  • Have the skills required to prepare the work site and work area for the removal of asbestos. 
  • Understand the decontamination process
  • Understand the requirements of asbestos enclosures specifically for A Class work
  • Contribute to and use documentation in line with New Zealand regulatory requirements 

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Price & Duration

$608.70 per person, excluding GST

1 Day 7:45am – 4:30pm 


The A Class asbestos removal course includes the following assessments:

  • A guided written assessment. 
  • Practical assessment in our purpose-built simulation unit. 


A SiteSafe Passport, or ConstructSafe Card, White Card (AUS)  or other similar proprietary health and safety induction certification recognised in New Zealand, must be shown or provided at time of booking unless arrangement is made. This requirement is so learners can prove they have adequate knowledge of non-asbestos work site hazards. This allows the course to focus on asbestos work.  

Certification cannot be issued to anyone who does not provide these requirements.

Why train with us?

Asbestos Licensing

For questions regarding Asbestos Licensing, the best place to look is on the Worksafe NZ website, as it’s Worksafe NZ who you apply to and who supplies the licenses. 

To find all you need to know about asbestos licensing, click here.