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Fibresafe NZ

Independent asbestos testing and management consultants
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  • Ongoing support

Fibresafe NZ was the first company in New Zealand to attain IANZ accreditation for asbestos sampling and surveying of buildings. We also hold accreditation for clearance inspections following asbestos removal.

Accreditation by IANZ provides reassurance that our processes are independently audited, so you can have confidence in the quality of the services you receive, and the integrity of the people providing those services.

IANZ is New Zealand’s premier accreditation body. An organisation that holds IANZ accreditation can have confidence in its processes and thereby provide assurance to its customers and clients.   

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What does IANZ Accrediation Mean?


Air monitoring is the best way to assess the current actual risk to people posed by asbestos fibres in a building. Our testing can detect airborne asbestos fibres, and therefore provides reassurance that a building is safe to occupy.


Ensure your removal clearance certificate is issued by an independent, IANZ accredited company. That way you can be assured all asbestos has been safely removed, with no risk to occupants.


PCBUs are required to manage the hazards that are present in the workplace - this includes asbestos.

An asbestos management plan built with Fibresafe NZ provides both regulatory compliance, and easy to understand processes that can be tailored to fit within your existing H&S systems.

Asbestos Testing & Surveying

If asbestos testing is not competently conducted, you can end up with all sorts of problems down the line.

Do it right the first time by engaging a professional and independently IANZ accredited company.

Nationwide Service

Wherever in NZ your building is, our team can assist

Fibresafe NZ provides complete testing and management services throughout New Zealand. Contact us to arrange a site visit from one of our qualified team.

Fibresafe NZ work across all industries and understand the need to respond urgently when the Health and Safety of people is at risk.

Talk to us about your specific requirements and we will provide options including urgent testing services with a fast turn-around time.